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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting Texty

I could not partake in Halloween this year due to my job.

Thankfully, I have friends. And thankfully they have cell phones.

GINA - Dempe has taped a piece of cardboard over his crotch that says "dick flap"
GINA - alex just called Adam a "bisexual fuck." ...I might be the only one textingyou.
ADAM - Oh no.
VINCE - Your bro is doing excellent
GINA - Adam is Houdini and vince is drinking from a measuring cup.
GINA - We lost alex. I just saw Arthur
ADAM - i am talking to your brother. please let me train him.
ADAM - Tell ian no. trust me.
GINA - Annnnnnd Adam is puking
GINA - Alex is helping a young lad get medical attention. Everyone else is roaming arou d the house.
STEPHANIE - We are coming to you. Where should we go?
ADAM - Be careful.
STEPHANIE - Okay will try to stop them from coming
ELLEN - Ian is w/Steph and fine, no worries.
ADAM - I don't know. send him to 7tatue.
ADAM - Where is ian.
STEPHANIE - Brother its me can we come yet
ADAM - Check i an now.
ADAM - Oh boy. tel me hen back.

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