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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well. Here it is. Yup. It's a post.

Howdy all!

Hope everyone is enjoying their extended time off. And if you don't go to Ohio University and are reading this right now, I hope you are incredibly miserable in the bitter end of your "first semester" nonsense.

Anywho, I've been incredibly unmotivated to write since about....oh a month ago. During school I was just so occupied with, you know, school and now I'm just occupied with everything I couldn't previously enjoy because I was in school. I almost feel like Charlie Kaufman in that Adaptation scene where he sits at his typewriter and starts screaming. There are about three readers nodding their heads in agreement right now and the rest of you are just wishing I saw more accessible movies.

But nothing makes me feel less productive and icky than a sparsely updated blog. So here are a few of pictures of animals with captions.
Maybe I should just get a Tumblr.

UPDATE: I have since decided to re-read Harry Potter over break. Now you'll know what I'll be doing instead of writing.

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