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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 28

You know what the best part about being home is?

Not the family, not the food, not even my precious cats! No, the best thing about being home is HD television. I just finished watching David Letterman in HD and I can honestly say, I have never been more attracted to a man solely on the basis of the clarity of his face. Now I am watching Catch Me if You Can and I am starting to feel the same way about Martin Sheen. Why aren't there more women in HD? Oh I don't care, Tom Hanks is on screen now. By the time you read this, I will be back at OU anyway.

Back down to brass-tacks. I have now gone through three days of my blogging semi-retirement. I felt some pangs of guilt on Wednesday. But once I got through it, I slept free of guilt. Apparently, I have a conscience of steel. It is probable that if I were to ever commit a murder, I would get over it in a week.

Enough about my tarnished soul ... let's bring on the links.

- Here is the best thing about a bad economy.

- I am always fascinated when a staunch partisan political puppet gives a personal interview. The best part is that they often come across as, you know, a person.

- I now know whose style I will be shamelessly stealing for the next fifteen years of my career. Michael Lewis revolutionized the way we watch baseball. But apparently that wasn't enough for one of our finest non-fiction writers. I know this story is pretty old, but I read it for the first time this week.

- I love stories like this.  What happens when two of the best in their respective endeavors meet? Not much exciting...but interesting nontheless. 

- And finally, this has to be good news for E.W Scripps News Writing students graduating this year. 

That's all for now. Enjoy the upcoming baseball season!

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