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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! I am sure I am...although I can't say for sure because I am writing this 9 days ahead of time. I am not crazy enough to actually blog on Christmas. The whole country shuts down on Jesus' birthday and The Collective(ly) Unconscious is no exception.

So in the spirit of giving and taking, I would like to offer you all a glimpse at my abridged Christmas wish list for on this holiest of all days. Things I wished for Christmas 2008:

  • World Peace
  • Laser vision
  • My two cats to combine to become a Jaguar and kill all of my enemies
  • My two front teeth
  • A Cavaliers Championship
  • An Indians World Series
  • A Browns win
  • Red Ryder carbine-action-200-shot range model air rifle
  • Sam Raimi to personally apologize to me for Spiderman 3
  • A life-time supply of Skittles
  • The ability to smell colors
  • My very own House of Cosbys
  • A consistently good run of Heroes episodes
  • To finally receive that Hogwarts acceptance letter that has been lost in the mail for over seven years.
  • A Facebook group called "Bojalad is da man!'
  • Santa Claus to just give me my presents in person and cut this whole "under the tree" crap.
  • And finally...a comment from someone other than my brother or girlfriend on Bojay's.
How many of those do you think will come true? I have the Over/Under at 1.6. 

Thanks for reading, now go drink some egg-nog.

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curiousgab said...

Pretty good list to bad you are to old for Hogwarts now