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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 13

It's strange how much fun one can have doing nothing.

Since I have been home, I could honestly not name you one thing that I've done that hasn't involved the couch, TV or laptop in whatever order. But you know what? I have never been happier! It all reminds me of a scene from the film Office Space.

Office drone Peter Gibbons is relating a story to his friends about career paths. He says that back in High School, his guidance counselor used to ask the students how they would spend their time if they suddenly came to possess $1 million. Their answer would supposedly reveal to them what career they were best suited for. If you said you would spend all your time fixing up old cars, then clearly the career path for you was mechanics. 

But Peter thought and thought and really could not come up with anything. Finally he realized that if he suddenly won $1 million, he would do: nothing. He would just sit around his house all day and watch TV, or read a book and just enjoy the quiet life.

Amen, brother, amen.

There are very few of us born slackers around. So I will wear the title proudly.

- If there is a sadder example of commitment in America, then I haven't read it. "Well, I wanted to end my sacred vows of matrimony...I just can't really afford it."

- Here is Empire's list of the top 100 movie characters of all-time. The movie skews towards more recent movies (S.N.O.E, anyone?), but it is hard to argue with a lot of the reader's choices.

- Turns out President-elect Obama is taking this silly little "Democracy" thing seriously and wants to here what YOU have to say about Healthcare in America. Psshh, what a chump!

- A hallmark of my generation seems to be the need to strip away all privacy. And you know times, I am okay with that.

- Check out the first video on this page about gay couples in Iowa. If good Journalism is all about knowledge and reversal of expectations, like I believe it is, then it doesn't get any better than this. Well done, Time.

Well, that's all folks. There is a couch, TV, laptop and 5 o'clock shadow with my name on it.

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