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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 12

For a guy that wants to be a Magazine Journalist, I certainly procrastinate when it comes to reading magazines. 

When it comes to magazines, I put subscriptions on my Christmas list like Santa puts rat bastards on his hit-list. As a result, I now receive Time every Wednesday, Sports Illustrated on Thursday and Entertainment Weekly on Friday. Now don't get me wrong, enjoy reading each one and I would be sad to see any go (okay....Sports Illy would be the first to go). But when they each come one after another, it can be pretty intimidating. 

First, Wednesday rolls around and I have an impressive and professional-looking tome in front of me with lots of big words and very few pictures. I start to read the letters to the editor and get through the smaller features until I get to the big articles which I elect to read "later." Then comes Thursday and a brand new Sports Illustrated. Chances are, I'll be working so that mag gets put aside too. By the time Entertainment Weekly arrives on Friday, I have 72 hours to read the three magazines until the whole cycle starts over.

So now you know, what I will be doing all Sunday. You just go ahead and enjoy your Links.

- Roger Ebert writes about how he has become one of a dying breed: The movie critic. This is terrifying news for anyone...especially for someone who wouldn't object to being a film critic one day.

- Here is an excellent piece from the Philadelphia Daily News that details a disturbing  newspaper trend: ignoring suicides in obituaries.

- At least SOMEONE named Alec knows how to talk to the ladies....

- Here is the second best sports piece I have read all month- there is something uniquely satisfying about being the most tortured fan-base in sports. I mean things can only look up, can't they?

- And here is the best sports story- four months from now when the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Championship trophy, I sincerely hope that Zydrunas Ilgauskas is the first man to touch the trophy. What a classy dude.

That's all I have for now. Time Magazine awaits!

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