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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 15

As I sit here and watch the Central Michigan Chippewas struggle through an inferior Florida Atlantic team in the Motor City Bowl, I can't help but think: it should have been us.

The first fall sports season of my Division 1 college life is over and I can't help but feeling little bitter. Central Michigan might be ruining their life with facemask penalties tonight but a mere three months ago, the Chips were in Peden Stadium playing my beloved (and much maligned) Ohio Bobcats. It was the very first college sporting event of my life and I can't help but think that it will become a microcosm of every future college sporting event of my life.

You see, the Bobcats came to play and pushed the twice-defending MAC champions to their very brink. It looked like my first college game would also be the first Bobcat victory I have ever witnessed. Then Quarterback Boo Jackson (The Long-Quaffed One) fumbled the game-winning touchdown in the endzone and the rest, as they say, was history....sad, brutal, miserable history.

Who knows what would have happened if the 'Cats had pulled out that game against one of the best teams the MAC has to offer. Perhaps they would have gone 10-2 instead of 4-8, at the very least they would have gone 5-7. But most importantly, it would have been a win that I would have witnessed with my very eyes in person. And when you willfully commit yourself to the Indians, Browns and Cavaliers (who WILL win a damn Championship this year), you are acknowledging that you won't really be seeing a lot of wins.

So I will watch the Chippewas struggle through a Bowl Game thinking about what could have been. But I am telling you: it SHOULD have been! See, this is what happens when I get to visit cousins from Florida during Christmas break. Their Gator chomps are still echoing in my brain.

Dull the pain of another inevitable MAC loss with a Sunday Morning Links.

-Don't let the man get you down! Manipulate complex genetic material in your garage without any type of government grant or permission.

- In the face of the imminent demise of the American Auto Industry, The Cleveland Plain Dealer offers a look at what roles cars have played in American culture and society. Hasta luego, cars!

- I know I linked a story almost identical to this one two weeks ago but I couldn't resist it again this time. This is one of the best non-Bill Simmons sports stories I have read in a long time. Maybe I am just a masochist, but I love the absolute soul crushing pain that loving a sports' team brings.

- Who didn't see this coming?

- And finally, I would like to extend a big ol' middle finger to the city of New York and everyone at ESPN.

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