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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hanging My Head in Shame

Maybe I will have better luck with the Oscars.

So, in my first Emmy prediction column, I just happened to go an ugly 5 for 14. Although I would just like to casually point out (scream from a mountaintop) that I got Best Comedy and Best Drama down pat. Having gotten that out of the way: I would also like to point out that the show was about as bad as I was at picking winners so I wasn't the only one off my game. But for all its suckiness, it did offer plenty of surprises; some of them good (Bryan Cranston, it is about damn time), some of them bad (freaking Jean Smart AGAIN?).

Things I loved about the 2008 Emmy Awards:
-The aforementioned Bryan Cranston
-30 Rock's domination
-Steve Carrell's eyes brimming with (hopefully fake) tears at Ricky Gervais's vicious (and again, hopefully fake) beratement.
-Jeremy Piven's third consecutive victory(!!!)
-The Colbert Report finally getting in on the Emmy love
-Heidi Klum's accent

Things I hated about the 2008 Emmy Awards:
-Number of hosts: 5, Number of times I laughed at anything they said: 0
-The aforementioned Jean Smart
-The supposed rush to get the show done even though it ended right on time
-Music playing off the winner for BEST FRICKING DRAMA with five minutes to go in the whole show. Probst needed five minutes to say goodnight more than the Mad Men folks deserved to celebrate their victory?
-Having to now learn to spell "Zeljko Ivanek"
-Michael Emerson and the rest of Lost being completely ignored
-Josh Groban...don't ask why, I just don't like that talented, handsome bastard

Things I am upset that the scheduling of the Emmys opposite of Entourage, Sunday Night Football and the final game at Yankees Stadium made me miss:
-Alec Baldwin winning one of the most well-deserved, no brainer awards in TV history.

Well folks, that's a wrap on the 2008 Emmy Awards. Now lets go back to our daily lives so we can forget it ever happened!

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