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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 2

Well, it has been a good weekend for me, I ate my own weight in buffalo wings at my new favorite restaurant (I am curious to hear some guesses, A-Towners), saw a pretty good film in Choke (fun and bizarre but not the masterpiece Fight Club is) and watched/endured the Bobcats shaky first win of the season against a vastly inferior opponent. Now it is time to cap off the whole experience with a (very very early) Sunday Morning Links...and hopefully, a fantasy football win!

-First up is this little number:,,20228603,00.html
I gotta say, the good folks at Entertainment Weekly have outdone themselves with this cover. It is brilliant! One of the many reasons I subscribe, along with Jessica Shaw's report on what is cool of course.

- Now if I had read this terrific article before embarking on my "Anonymous" post, I am not sure I would have bothered. This writer does a lot better job of describing the phenomenon and its implications:

- I love pop and essential culture as much as the next guy but music has never really been my thing. I just don't have an ear for it and it just not as big a part of my life as it is for many of my peers. But, I gotta say, I stumbled on these dudes about a year ago and they are the only indie band on planet Earth I can stand. That in and of itself warrants a listen:

- Here is a good one for all you Dark Knight fans, and by "Dark Knight fans" I mean everyone with a pulse. This is a pretty in-depth analysis written by a critic I had never heard of but whose work I will now pursue:

- And finally, I must succumb to a little bit of self-promotion. The Bobcat Blogs site is now up and producing some pretty original and intriguing material regarding all Ohio University sports. I urge that all sports fans check us out. You won't be disappointed:

And with that, I take my leave. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and R.I.P Paul Newman.

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Woozie said...

That Batman piece was very interesting, even if the author's capitalizing MOVIE TITLES got a bit annoying.