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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 1

Since, I am all about change here at my little corner of the web, I thought I would switch the format of my blog up a little bit. Up until now, I have just been making posts on the Collective(ly) Unconscious without any type of pattern or plan. It was fun to experience a little verbal explosion every day or every other day or so but now, since I am all about organization as well as change (go ahead and try to figure that paradox out), I now have a good idea of how I want to organize my blog. 

On The Collective(ly) Unconscious, you can expect to read new material, analysis and perspective written by Yours Truly every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I have decided that Tuesday's academic and extracurricular schedule is just a tad too demanding to concern myself with a blog entry that day. And Saturday? Well, that is just a day off. Give me a break, I love college football.

Of course, that brings us to Sunday. Henceforth, every Sunday starting now will be home to a feature I like to call the "Sunday Morning Links". I will use Sunday to post several links to all the news stories that I found interesting or journalistic essays that I thought were of a special quality. Hopefully, this can hep broaden everyone's horizons, including mine and also give you, the reader a little more understanding of the particular writings that I think are worthy of notice. I know the term "Morning" might be a little subjective, seeing as this will probably be posted around 1:00 kickoff and I will try to crawl out of my tomb/bed earlier on future Sundays. 

Now here it is: your first ever edition of the Sunday Morning(ish) Links!

-Bill Simmons writes about the TRUE implications of Monday Night's Cowboys-Eagles game before making his Week 3 picks. I couldn't agree more. If the Browns lose every week, I am fine. But if my fantasy team out:

-Apparently, people are racist. Why did it take more than two years of polling and campaigning to figure this out:

- And creepiest story of the year goes to:

- Amid all the supposed sports journalists weeping over the loss of Yankees Stadium, I found one man sane enough to focus on the REAL story of the 2008 baseball season. Hell has frozen over:

And finally, Entertainment Weekly helps me question and belittle the very Award show I was so excited about yesterday:,,20045108_20045120_20213234_9,00.html

So there you have it: your first Links of all-time! I hope you get a better idea of where I am coming from now and why my future line of work will be with these media folk. Come back tomorrow when I write about something sexy and exciting (gotta nab those readers however I can), and look out for my first entry on the OU Sports site, which should be coming up sometime shortly after this Tuesday.

Hasta luego, Peace, Love and all that fun stuff!


Woozie said...

gotta nab those readers however I can

When you have the time fool around with the xml/html coding of the page. Change fonts, color schemes, add a banner, stuff like that. The minima template is fine to start with but it doesn't draw the eye very well.

A.G.B said...

I really appreciate your input and I would like to add more distinction to the page. I am pretty limited by the fact that I am not very technologically savvy though. That is an area that needs some improvement and hopefully, with some fooling around, I can figure out how to improve the appearance of it.

Woozie said...

I'm not either; a friend of mine did the template I have now but changing colors and widening columns is really easy after you spend enough messing around with the code. The ability will come naturally, just spend enough time deleting and changing lines of code to see what happens.

And Blogger makes it really easy to add a banner. Under "Layout" you should be able to click on "edit" in your header, and there you can add an image to either go behind the title or replace it. It used to be practically impossible.

And forgive me if this sounds confusing, I am terrible at explaining things. But you write well and I think you should keep blogging. A lot of people start one, and then give it up after a few weeks or months because of no readers or something like that. Most times it's good they gave up but sometimes it's a shame.