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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 3

I am sitting here minding my own business, getting ready to cheat and get a day's head start on my Sunday Morning Links when my brother texts me to tell me that The Killers are performing a new song on Saturday Night Live. So I scurry over to their Myspace page for a listen. And...The Killers went techno on our asses. I mean they have always flirted with it but now they are just balls-out. It is jarringly bizarre, the lyrics are "We are the World" saccharine and it makes no sense so of course, I will listen to it nine more times before the sun rises. 

Here are you links, I finally figured out this pesky hyperlink thing (you have to push a button):

-I try to stay fresh and find new links that don't exactly reveal my various interests and obsessions. But this one is too good to pass up. You got me, I love Bill Simmons. He is America's best sportswriter but is constantly shunned as the "Dane Cook of sportswriting", meaning soley that he is popular and successful. How dare he. This little ditty is a 9,000 word diatribe about the Manny Ramirez trade. Don't be intimidated, if you like sports (and you'd better) this will be the best thing you read all week: Manny Being Manipulated 

- Here is Volume 8,023,929 on how politicians think you are idiots: Be Sure to Dumb it Down, Guys

- Now I am about to give you the link for the most important aspect of my life (sorry: mom, dad, brother, girlfriend, cats, career). It is a Podcast featuring filmmaker, Kevin Smith and his producer friend, Scott Mosier. Like Kevin Smith, hate him, don't know who he is? Doesn't matter, these hour long installments are the funniest things I have ever heard and the brightest parts of many of my days. Smodcast

- We have officially lost our minds. The Stoker estate, some Dracula historians and Hollywood have all combined to produce a sequel to Dracula. Have you ever heard a worse, more disastrous idea in your life? It is inconceivable! Of course, I will read every page and see every frame of the film. The original Dracula is the 8th best book of all-time.

-And finally, ABC News has come up with a fool-proof system to find out which candidate you support. Enjoy!

That is all for now. Enjoy your Sunday. I know I will enjoy mine. The Browns have a bye week so all I have to do is obsessively follow every stat all day to ensure my fantasy team a victory.

 I mean if I wasn't watching, they wouldn't stand much of a chance, would they?

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A. Liebendorfer said...

i heard that killers song over the weekend too, a very interesting direction. i think given how cliche techno is and how sort of cliche the killers are going, it turned out ok, no?

good link on the debate though.