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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 6

I knew this would happen.

I am a late bloomer to this whole coffee thing. I, like most kids, just didn't get it. So there is this black substance that tastes like feces, will make you super hyper and turn teeth brown? And people drink this willingly? But this coffee thing bit me hard. Turns out about 88 packets of Splenda will make ANYTHING drinkable and pleasant. 

I started making fresh brews everyday. Then I found out that Dunkin Donuts had the best of the black stuff so about 1/8 of my weekly salary went to them. And finally, at our After-prom at Dave and Busters, my girlfriend and I used all our prize tickets to purchase a brand new coffee-maker.

And that coffee-maker sits before me right now...beckoning. It wants me to forget that my girlfriend made me a cup this morning and that I had yet another Cup 'o' Joe at the Front Room cafe before dinner too. So here are your links for the week as I try to resist the demon's hazelnutty goodness:

- Are you like me? Does outer space blow your mind? Then this picture slideshow of some of space's most bizarre phenomena should be your cup of.....damn coffee-maker.

- And here is another picture slideshow courtesy of Fox Sports that should drive home the point of my baseball vs. football blog on Wednesday

- From the "question my sexuality" Department- here is an article about Indians's centerfielder Grady Sizemore and how damn pretty he is.

- Five weeks in and the critics are already bitching about Heroes. Listen, Season 2 was awful. Like question your faith in art and humanity awful. Like cry into your pillow at night and wish you could claw your own eyes out awful. But Season 3 has just been plain excellent. And it sends the wrong message to complain about a TV show that is currently producing quality material. Having said that: Entertainment Weekly offers a way or two to improve it.

- And finally, the good folks over at The Dave Burba Revolution (the single best name for a blog of all time) offer a candid look at the most uncomfortable elevator ride you could ever imagine.

Well, that is all I have. Enjoy your morning coffee. I know I will!

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