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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 4

I love how every year College Football becomes a game of survivor. I, personally, watch every week just to see who is going to drop like flies. I think that later today we are going to see a Top 3 of Alabama, Texas and Penn State. Now, if the season ends that way I don't think I would even mind. That gives you the three best teams from the three best conferences ranked in descending order: Big Ten, Big 12, SEC.

If you care to hear more about my college football nonsense, just mosey on over to Bobcat Blogs, if you are a normal person, just stay right here and enjoy your Sunday Morning Links!

-Being the capitalist swine I am, I rarely take a second to stop on reflect on the poor souls who get left in the machine's dust. The Boston Herald has a great, tribute to the folks at its paper that are being victimized by job cuts.

- I can tell plain and clear by the less than enthusiastic response to my baseball posts that the majority of my readers are not fans on America's Pastime. So here is yet another vain attempt to appeal to that non-existent audience. Indians fans, I demand that you visit this website. If this is not a daily read for you (along with Paul Hoynes and Terry Pluto), then you cannot be a Tribe fan.

- Mark Harris of Entertainment Weekly does what he does best here: write about the reality behind the an entertaining fashion, of course.

- Well gents, it looks like we can't win even in the animal kingdom.

-And finally, Time Magazine wants to know "is Barack American enough" (yep, but read the article anyway).

That's all folks!

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Anonymous said...

Since when is the SEC behind the big 10 and big 12? Guess you forget about Titletown