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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 7

You heard right: Halloween night is quite the affair in Athens, Ohio.

More on that tomorrow, right now you are just going to have to enjoy Sunday Morning Links:

- Christopher Nolan has finally broke his post-Dark Knight silence. He speaks to great length in a three part interview with The Los Angeles Times about the phenomenon, the film and his favorite scene. Part 1 and Part 2 are up, be on the lookout for Part 3.

- The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes about the only thing that matters when a student athlete is picking a college football team to play for: the jerseys.

- And while we are on the subject of college football, you absolutely must head over to Bobcatblogs right now. An post is now up detailing a game of flag football between some normal Joes and a few members of the Ohio Bobcat football team. The result of said game may surprise you. 

- I just started getting Time magazine last week and have been reasonably satisfied with the content. But if articles like this make it in every week, I may have to renew my subscription right now.

- And finally, in the hometown pride department: MSN tells you where the best cities to retire are. Couldn't agree more myself, seeing as I have basically lived the life of a retiree for a decade.

Well that's all for know. I am taking 24 hours to recover then regaling you with the details of a long Halloween weekend.

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Here is the third part of the Nolan Interviews: