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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Morning Links pt. 8

It is Sunday. This can only mean that Ohio University's "Parent's Weekend" has come to an end.

My mom and brother left late last night after a day full of revelry and way too much food. Now, my mother and brother came to my humble abode yesterday not knowing that they were actively "participating" in Parent's Weekend, but as they strolled around with the other familial hordes, it really made no difference. Ultimately, the troika of us enjoyed our Parent's Weekend experience but I was a little perturbed by one aspect of it.

There seemed to be a real concerted effort to "clean" the campus up for the arrival of the 'rents. Everyone was on their best behavior, all the penises were erased off dorm-room white boards and the two comedians I saw over the weekend both made cracks about cleaning up their material in the presence of parents. Now, I can understand altering one's behavior slightly around parents...but it is college. College. You are currently enrolled in one of the most sinful and depraved social institutions known to man. More cheap beer and condoms will be consumed within campus limits than any other geographic area in the history of mankind. And the majority those "parents" went through the same experience.

They experienced: late night benders, blackouts, diseases, heartbreaks, vomit, illegal sex acts, Hasidic Jew threesomes, beer-soups and mid-morning walks of shame just as you do.
And with that disturbing image lingering in your mind, here are your Sunday Morning Links!

- Here is story that earns the title of: "Pre-November 4th article that gave me the willies."

- This is my idea of good journalism: short, to the point, interesting and gives me a funny mental image of people about to break out into song at any moment. Also, it is technically a blog.

- But sometimes, the best story is just a good old fashioned "He said, She said."

- I don't know if you realized it, but one of the biggest and potentially most profitable superhero movie franchises in existence just mysteriously re-casted its second male lead. The great folks at Entertainment Weekly did some snooping and figured out why.

- And finally...I have recently been on a bizarre "everything is rational and explainable through statistical probabilities" kick. And to the rational man, there is no greater resource than the absolutely wonderful

Well that's all for this week! Thankfully, the Browns got their obligatory loss out of the way on Thursday, so we can all enjoy what looks to be a lovely day.


Kendalyn Schrock said...

Thankfully, the Browns got their obligatory loss out of the way on Thursday, so we can all enjoy what looks to be a lovely day.

So true. My dad and I talked about that yesterday.

Anonymous said...


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