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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 18

Maybe I really am just a superficial person.

The M.O (I have NO idea what that stands for) of my blog since I have started it has been long, deliriously boring and rambling, self-indulgent essays. At the end of each blog, I would even Word Count it just to see that it fell in the 800-1200 word range. If it did, great. If it didn't, I had some more writing to do.

I know longer didn't equal better and I know that it was horribly hypocritical of me to expect readers to read such lengthy diatribe when I start tuning out around word 400 myself on other blogs. I just couldn't seem to kick my long-winded habit.

Now, I finally seem to have subconsciously gotten the message. My blogs this week have been painfully short by my standards. Trust me, it pained me to hit the Publish Post button every time this week knowing that the Word Count was probably going to be significantly less than 800-1200. But I had to. 

It wasn't because I had made the conscious decision to go shorter and it wasn't because I was finally done with being a hypocrite. 

I just had shit to do.

I would get ready to add 300 more needless words, then I would realize that there was Health 202 homework staring me in the face that wouldn't go away anytime soon. 

So, enjoy the new, shorter The Collective(ly) Unconscious blog. It is probably an easier read and far better than the older entries. Just don't let my ego figure that out.

- This is what I want my wedding to be like.

- This is by far the most charming and hilarious videos I have seen in quite some time. What does the plot of Star Wars sound like coming from some one who has never seen the whole trilogy?

- You know Beer Pong is officially dead when Rick Reilly writes what seems to be a Master's Thesis on it.

- Sounds like a good deal to me!

- And finally, Barack Obama knows what he's doing. Win the Press over early, kiddo.

That's all for now, I have a life to go re-examine!


Woozie said...

Modus operandi, Latin (obviously) for mode of operation. As in "My modus operandi is to sell my daughter for sixteen grand, PBR, and baby back ribs"

I typed something up earlier today that was around 500 words and I thought that was kind of on the long side. For me, anyway.

Curiousgab said...

Nice to see as you practice your craft and balance all you have in you Life that you are becoming more focused and probably better at saying more with less words

Cassie The Venomous said...

It's much harder to write something shorter than longer, congrats.