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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 19

I am now an Apple-lifer.

Steve Jobs has his tether-hooks deep in my flesh and is not letting go for anything. How fitting is it that on today, the 25th birthday of the Macintosh computer, my own Macbook was brought back to life by the heroes at the Lyndhurst Apple store? 

It turns out, I was a little bit off when I assumed my darling Macbook required complex surgery to bring it back from the clutches of Colonel Panic. I arrived at the Apple store around 1:00 and was met with a scene that looked like Ellis Island circa 1913. The place was PACKED. I was mildly peeved that the only time available to seek help from the Genius Bar was 4:40 that same day, but at the same time it seemed to be a brilliant business decision. By putting only one Apple store in a crowded metropolitan-suburban area like Northeast Ohio, the Apple corporation is ensuring that the Apple store will ALWAYS be slamming, making it appear that everyone and their mother is using a Macbook or iPhone. Touche, Apple, touche. 

Anyway, when I returned at 4:40 I was aided by a smooth-talking dynamo known as "Joe." Joe not only kicked Colonel Panic's ass in about ten minutes, he did it without having to delve into my Macbook's guts and even found time to flirt with a pretty lady on the other side of the store. That, friends, is a hero. I might as well get an Apple tattooed on my chest. 

I have gone Mac and I will not go back.

Here are your links for the week.

- So Joaquin Phoenix is a rapper now. Makes perfect sense.......

- I am a total sucker for "big ideas" and Newsweek presented me with a doozy recently. In the new Obama America, just who the hell are we?

- If you had any doubts that Bill Simmons was one of the finest sportswriters of this generation, then just read this piece. It is about his family dog of 6 years having to be put down and it sounds like prose written by Hemmingway or Dickinson about the face of sorrow after the loss of a soulmate.

- The Vatican says that seminaries are doing a good job...they could just stand to be a little less gay.

- Thank God I don't have this woman for a wife. And Thank God my girlfriend is a chubby chaser.

That's all I have. Time to get ready for one of the busiest weeks of my life. Wish me luck!

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Curiousgab said...

I am glad your MAC and Apple have not disappointed but haved wowed you. That's what computers and the companies that make them should do.
I am glad that you have found a women who is wowed by you vs the article about the woman who has turned on her chubby guy. Relationships should be based on mutual wowing and never forget that.