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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sentence Samurai

A customary Collective(ly) Unconscious golf-clap goes out to President Obama. 

His Address to Congress last night was a moderate success and he brought up many of the issues that perk my ears up.  Namely, he framed many of his plans through the eyes of normal Americans, saying many of the things we can fix come down to personal responsibility. I particularly liked his stance on education It isn't the Federal Government's fault if a nation full of deadbeat dad's and uneducated mothers aren't pushing their kids to go to school. Well done, Barack, you didn't say anything I haven't heard before but you said it well. 

Really, the only issue I took with his Address last night was his assertion that "government is the solution." I admire him for sticking by his convictions, but come on, dude, we all know that is waaaay too liberal. If you really want a bi-partisan Congress, you are going to want to relax your rhetoric on the one fundamental issue that separates Congress. Republicans and Democrats can put aside their differences on many issues and work together but the role of government in Americans' lives is one fundamental concept they can't compromise on. And it is only going to hurt bi-partisanship if the President of the United States picks a clear side.

Other than that, snafu, good job.

It has only been a few weeks but I have been impressed with Obama so far. The Journalist in me appreciates one promise of his in particular (keep in mind that one month in, a "promise" is all it is). Obama says that this will be the most transparent and accessible executive branch in recent history. If Barack can follow through on this promise, I will be insanely impressed.

Especially after all the issues with this current Ohio University administration...

“This is a very sore subject for me, and perhaps it’s time we started pushing back. And I am quite serious; I am even unsure that we should provide the next document without a fight. It sickens me to think of the waste and unproductive time being spent in the name of open records and freedom of the press.”

This is a quote I gleefully stole from SPJ's excellent blog. Contrary to what you are probably thinking right now, the speaker of the quote is not the Antichrist but OU Board Chairman Daniel Dewalder. I would love to analyze this quote further, but I cannot possibly articulate the fury and exasperation in my soul. And you, dear reader, have probably already realized the sadness of having a major University Board Chairman not realizing what the First Amendment of the U.S-FREAKING-CONSTITUTION says clearly. 

I am sorry the freedom of the press is such a pain in the ass to you, I really am.

What really interests me about this quote is who said it though. If Joe Schmoe on the street says freedom of the press is a waste of time then I don't quite react as strongly as I do now. Truth be told, I am fascinated by people in people: Chairman Dewalder, President McDavis, President Obama, it doesn't matter. They are all clearly exceptional bright individuals to have achieved the level of power that they have and I am interested in seeing just what they will do to STAY in power. There are many things people will do to stay in power.

Enraging the press aint one of 'em.

If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then why alienate and cast-out the largest organizations of pen-wielders on campus? If Daniel Dewalder wouldn't walk into a room full of Samurai and say "ponytails and robes are gay," then why would he say the freedom of the press is a waste of time in a town of 3 newspapers, 2 magazines, dozens of Journalistic organizations and the most renowned and successful Journalism School in Ohio? There has been a metaphorical loaded gun pointed at the head of the McDavis administration since I arrived on campus.

And Daniel Dewalder may have finally pulled the trigger on it.

Speaking of the press...check out this article that was published on yesterday about OU hip-hop artist NIG-Unit. Now check out an article that the Post published today.

Look familiar?


Woozie said...

Can white people say Nig Unit?

A.G.B said...

I have no idea. I thought there were dots in-between "Nig" so I've been saying N.I.G Unit. But apparently it is simply pronounced phonetically, so now I say.....nothing.