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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 22

Wow, this is the first time in a long time that I haven't gotten the Sunday Morning Links written and published by 12:00 AM sharp. I would like to take this moment to express my deepest sympathies for the death of my worthless Midnight streak.

Instead of dutifully working on my Sunday Morning Links, I was actually spending time with other human beings. Valentine's Day has become a second Christmas morning for me. After spending the morning hunting for the best donuts in Athens (McHappy's) for my Valentine, I woke her up like a dick at around 10 to throw gifts at her.

Obviously, she had me beat...INDIANS TICKETS, BITCHES.

Valentine's Day freaking rocks! Unless you don't have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, or hate your girlfriend, or your boyfriend, or lost your legs in a snowmobile accident. At which point you are allowed to hate Valentine's Day. But everybody else, you just have to love Cupid's Birthday, or Hallmark's Ovulation or whatever it is we celebrate on Valentine's Day.

Let's Link it up!

- It's that time again, America! Time to protect our daughters from themselves. I think I may include one of these links in every Sunday Morning Links. Balls in your court, Connie Schultz, I know you love writing about naked cell phone pics. 

- If you ever want to feel better about your life, just read this classic "asshole gets his comeuppance" article over and over and over. "I'm Matt (expletive Bush!"

- So...what's your favorite Celebrity iTunes playlist? 

- Check out whose skyline is on the cover of ABC New's Most Miserable Cities List? I will give you a hint: its the land of the Tribe, flammable lakes and Alec Bojalad.

- Finally, the moment I have been waiting months for. EW's Dave Karger releases his official Oscar prediction article. By Thor's Hammer, I WILL kick Karger's ass this year.

Enjoy your Sunday, I will be up in a few hours and off to Alden Library to help shake the cobwebs off the Backdrop website some more. It is going to melt minds, people, minds.

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dodasso said...

Call Uncle Paul or email at fantasy baseball league..draft this coming sunday night....get in touch AS