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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 20

We are just knocking out milestones everywhere this week, aren't we?

Earlier this week on Monday, the Collective(ly) Unconscious celebrated its 100th post. Now, Sunday Morning Links is celebrating its 1/5 of 100th post! This is certainly a time for joyous celebration. That is 20 post, 100 links, 20 weeks and about 71 minutes of actual thought and work put into it. The Sunday Morning Links is a nice little opportunity for me to casually shoot the breeze with the readers, then throw down some links of interesting news stories and well-written articles so I don't have to worry about writing anything.

Regardless of how many times blogging has felt like "work" to me (and trust me, there are times when it does), Sunday Morning Links have always been easy as pie.

Thank you, Sunday Morning Links, for keeping me sane.

I can't honestly say that every other writing project on my docket is quite so friendly, however. Today is the day that I finally tackle my two big pains in the ass: crafting a resume and working on scholarships. The nasty secret about college is that the workload of actual classes is relatively puny. It isn't until you start adding up the "secondary" work that you begin to drown: resumes, interviews, organization meetings, studying, working on scholarships, etc. So there's that nonsense. And I also must begin work on the second of my two big Backdrop undertakings. You can look for the link to that around mid-February, as well as the link to the new Backdrop site. 

As a matter of fact, my list of links to the right of the page is going to need a bit of a facelift next month. The SPJ blog isn't going anywhere as I am still happily involved with that (and especially after Evan Millward's latest and best blog entry). Bojay's Baseball Blog is also here to stay. The Backdrop Facebook link, however, will be torn down in favor of the actual Backdrop site and my little recurring section of the Backdrop site. I had to quit Bobcatblogs due to my ever-increasing workload, but I will probably keep them as a link in a different section along with other sites that I frequent and enjoy.

Well, that's all the shop-talk you can probably handle for now, so without further ado; your links.

- This is my absolute favorite article of the past week. It is time that we truly reconsider how movie reviews "rank" movies.

- Facebook status updates are now the newest art form. Alec ... is excited to hear the news about Facebook statuses!

- The grammar freak inside of me is crying mournfully. If England is going to start observing incorrect punctuation on signs, what hope does America have?

- Remember when I called 2008 the Year of the Vampire in Entertainment? Well, Entertainment Weekly has reason to believe that 2009 will be the Year of the Werewolf.

- And finally, Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a Harry Potter) cordially invites Malia and Sasha Obama to the Hogwarts set. It should have been me, Dan, it should have been me.

Enjoy your week, everybody! And enjoy Scotland, Malia and Sasha!


Melis said...

Oh yeah, I forgot you missed that SPJ meeting. We got a nice paper explaining everything we learned there. I'll have to show it to you.

Also -- at the end of your blog entry I thought you told me (not Malia) to enjoy Scotland and I thought it might be an awesome shout out/Lost reference. And then I found out it involved Harry Potter. Major disappointment.

Sarah Maloy said...

The Harry Potter nerd in me loved that Daniel Radcliffe article; thanks for posting! =]