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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"(Bum Ho Lee) Just Ripped it Through the Hole!"

Say what you will about the World Baseball Classic but it may have provided us with the funniest sentence in the history of the Enlgish (and perhaps, Korean) language.

I thought it was funny when a Korean man named Bum Ho Lee stepped up to the plate into a 3-2 game in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and two men on-base. I giggled like an idiot and wrote "the game is up to Bum Ho Lee" to my girlfriend on Skype. Then my laughs turned to cheers as Bum Ho Lee hit the pitch through the Shortstop and Third Baseman (I was rooting wholeheartedly for Korea), tying the game and sending it to Extra Innings. 

Directly after this turn of events, the comedy Gods provided us with one of the finest moments of juvenile humor ever.

"He just ripped it through the hole!" Joe Morgan exclaimed upon viewing the replay. 

Bum Ho just ripped it through the hole? *cough* Tee hee tee hee tee hee tee hee *snort*

Unintentional comedy aside, the World Baseball Classic provided me with many awesome moments this year. I know I promised not to write about baseball on this blog anymore but my Baseball blog isn't until Saturday and I am knee-deep in my season preview. Plus, this tournament just plain rocked. So I would like to take a second to remark upon all the things I loved (and didn't love) about the 2009 WBC.

Things I liked about the 2009 World Baseball Classic

- The Netherlands beating the Dominican Republic once.

- The Netherlands beating the Dominican Republic TWICE.

- Being oh so close on my Venezuela pick.

- United States performing respectably.

- The Japanese fans.

- The Korean fans.

- The awesome jerseys.

- The satisfying conclusion.

- The U.S/Puerto Rico comeback game.

Things I didn't like about the 2009 World Baseball Classic

- The U.S fans, or lack thereof.

- The all-Asian match-up in the WORLD Baseball Classic.

- Canada being eliminated immediately.

- The ridiculous pitch count rule.

- Jake Peavy

- The rash of U.S injuries (c'mon guys, lift a dumb-bell before the game or something)

- Japan winning AGAIN.

- Daisuke Matsuzaka's winning the MVP AGAIN.

- Japan tossing their Manager in the air AGAIN.

Come on, America, you have four years to get your shit together. We need to make the Classic a series of home games for the American team next time around!

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