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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 26

Remember my panic over my COMS 103 Final grade?

Turns out I guessed what "Statement of Logical Reasoning" is correctly and I got an 89% on the Final and a 91% in the class. Looks like my appeal to the Public Speaking Gods worked. I live to fight another quarter!

Anyway, I am home now and presumably not worrying about school work at all since Winter Quarter is all but a distant memory and I am chillaxing on the lush beaches of Twinsburg, Ohio. But I still must concern myself with Backdrop-related things, i.e making the third draft of my Spring story the slightest bit coherent.

Here's one thing they didn't tell me when it come time to pick a Sequence in the Journalism school: magazine journalism is hard as hell.

It is a lot better to read than standard print Journalism but it is also a hell of a lot harder to write. So I am going to put up the Links now and go back to procrastinating. I figure the more I procrastinate, the more I will be ready when the time comes to write.

Warped logic, I know.

- The future of print Journalism has finally begun. We have been hearing about its death for a long time but it is weird to see the first newspaper go completely digital. It is kind of like the Terminator series. We have heard about Judgement Day since the first installment in the '80s, now it is going to be weird to actually see Judgement Day in the new one this summer.

- This whole ordeal really hammered home to me how bizarre it must be to be President. Imagine everything you say having an effect on every one else in the country.

- This is just too perfect. I bet you wouldn't believe who is coming to the defense of Jim Cramer. Yes, it turns out that the last person whose career Jon Stewart ended is still a little upset with Jonny Stew.

- And finally: this has been my favorite news story of the past week. We all now have the chance to beat the President at something.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the end of the World Baseball Classic. U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

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