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Friday, March 20, 2009

Mailing it in Week pt. 4-Dr. Mario's Revenge

Well, here we are at the end of Mailing it in Week.

Technically, this could be considered the end of Mailing it in Week since all my finals are done and I am sitting in my bed in the luxurious Twinsburg, Ohio. But I am going to finish what I started.

To be fair, my schedule for today is busy enough that I can "Mail it in" without fear of my conscience attacking me. Tonight I am going to watch a play that my brother directed. I completely forgot about this so it was a pleasant surprise like finding a ten dollar bill in your pocket....or finding Jimmy Hoffa's preserved remains in the walk-in freezer at the Outback Steakhouse in Odessa, But before that, I am going to inevitably have to pay a visit to Dr. Brad, my family physician.

First, I am going to need to apologize to him for shunning his sage advice. But after the grovelling is over I am going to have to kindly request that he give me antibiotics, steroids and crystal-meth. My throat hurts, you see and I am starting to feel a little woozy. I am fairly certain I have strep throat....or at least herpes. Either way, I am going to demand that my shaman take the pain away or put me out of my misery. I am okay with either option.

But before all that nonsense goes down, there is one last bit of business to attend to. My first dentist appointment in over a year is today. Now, I once heard that more people are afraid of dentists than they are of death. I have never understood this fear but I think I might now. When my dentist sees that my teeth are more cavity than they are dental tissue, he might just drop kick my esophagus while I sit in the chair with my mouth open.

This may be my very last blog entry if my dentist does, in fact, kill me. So I would like to give a shout out to something that I never have before in almost 140 posts. My dentist's name is Dr. Mario (no joke). That got me thinking that video games have been a pretty integral part of my generation's culture. I have been masquerading as an entertainment and culture blog for the past 5 or 6 months and it is absolutely inexcusably that I have never ONCE mentioned any video games that I enjoy.

So, I attempted to make an exhaustive and complete list of every video game I have played and truly enjoyed in my life. Here is the list as it stands right now but I will probably add more later as I remember them. 

Donkey Kong Country Series
Backyard Baseball Series
MVP Baseball Series
Worms Armageddon
Pokemon Series
Final Fantasy Tactics
Madden Football Series
World of Warcraft
Halo Series
Fable Series
Super Smash Brothers Series
Time Splitters 2
Mario Kart
Super Monkey Ball 2

I would love to hear your feedback on how much of an idiot or "noob" I am. That will give me something to look forward to while I am getting choked to death by Dr. Mario.


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I sure its not herpes!

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