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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 27

As you read this I am en route to the lovely Athens, Ohio.

I don't know why but I have become increasingly comfortable with the little town every time I head back. I didn't hop onto the OU bandwagon as fast as most of my peers have. When you don't drink, smoke and despise large crowds of people, a large public University can take some getting used to.

But it appears I've had, so get ready for some LINKSSSSSS

Maybe it is because I spent a week home refreshing my batteries (sitting on the couch all day, surfing the Internet) but I seem to have found an absurd amount of links this week. Still, I will restrict it to five per usual.

- Here is an excellent Variety piece about my people: bloggers. Makes me kind of sad.

- I think this is my favorite thing I've read all week. Newsweek tells us how Compton got its groove back.

- Entertainment Weekly wonders what is so great about the Wii?

- ...And humanity has now officially lost its mind.

- ...And humanity has redeemed itself.

That's all for this week. I'm back, Athens!


Pam said...

regarding the story about LeBron's pre-game rosin toss possibly leading to fatal asthma attacks in children... that is completely ridiculous. what is the world coming to? thanks for the laugh, though!

A.G.B said...

I think it is just someone looking for a free advertisement through the Plain Dealer. Whoever that Doctor is, I will NEVER go see her unless my life depended on it.