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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 24

Man, what a wild sports week for me.

I had the first Indians' Spring Training game, two home-runs from Victor Martinez, the Browns trading Kellen Winslow, Matt Cassell becoming a Chief and finally the Ohio Bobcat smackdown on the Miami Redhawks, which is the best collegiate sporting event I have ever been to.

But you're not here for sports, you are just here for some links (you fickle bitch).

So, please enjoy while I spend my Sunday working on an Astronomy paper.

- Keeping with my initial sports are two different basketball stories from Bill Simmons this week. I know I link to Simmons way too often but what am I supposed to do? He's the best. Not linking his articles would be like linking to something other than Macbeth in the 1500s, just because I was sick of linking Shakespeare. Story One. Story Two.

- It is high time I linked to these guys. SNL Digital Shorts have been the best thing on Saturday Night Live in years and with The Lonely Island's release of their first CD Incredibad, I figured I should finally link to their website which has brought many a chuckle in my time.

- Score one for common sense. I can't believe Bureaucracy finally did something rational!

- Apparently, Slumdog Millionaire wasn't an accurate representation of India's slums. I think Newsweek might be missing the whole point of underdog tales...

- And finally, to book-end this Sports Sunday, here is a rather interesting FoxSports piece about the NFL testing the character of potential draftees. 

That's all for this week. Here is to the Indians going undefeated through the rest of Spring Training!

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Katie said...

The slums link makes me soo sad. I am going to pull an Angelina and adopt all of them. I'm sure you dont mind.