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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Morning Links pt. 25

I should be studying right now.

As a matter of fact, I should be studying all this week. Unlike last quarter, when none of my Finals were comprehensive and none of my finals were particularly difficult, all my finals this quarter are comprehensive and all of them will be very, very difficult.

So keep in mind, that this week there may not be much new material. There will still be a new post on the usual days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) but I can't necessarily promise that they will either be a) good or b) new. And by not "new" I just mean that they will probably look like this old post.

Be patient, Internet, this is one of those weeks. Athens knows what I am talking about.

Here are the Links.

- Jesus Christ, Anne Coulter even yells when she's typing.

- My dad sent me this via e-mail and wanted my take on it. So here's my take: it's good stuff, go read it.

- I have an objection to the L.A Times calling the late 90s/early 00s era of Saturday Night Live the "Jimmy Fallon" era, but it is interesting to see where everyone ended up, nonetheless.

- This may have been the hardest I laughed all last week. Read it out loud to your friends (if you have any) and just giggle like idiots.

- And finally, Mainstream America embraces Generation Snuggie.

That's all for this week. Good luck with Finals, everyone!

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Cassie The Venomous said...

Responding to your comment:
It's pretty sweet that you know someone who lives down the road from a member of my favorite band. Ha-ha! Extremely sweet, actually.

I have, indeed, considered sectioning off a part of my blog as "MCR Only," but haven't gotten around to it-- I figure it will attract fans of MCR, and they may find something new through me, which would be completely epic!

Thanks for your comments!