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Monday, March 2, 2009

Heeeeeeeey Maaaaaan....

Yes, what you are looking at is the Wikipedia entry for...Wikipedia.

Just take a moment to let that sink in. Maybe you have actually been a jackass like me and have looked this up before, or maybe this is the first time you are seeing this phenomenon. Either way, I would like you to take a moment to reflect on the mind-bending, self-aware, bizarre spectacle that is Wikipedia.

The sub-header of my blog reads something like "examining the media in the United States" (forgive me, but I don't feel like opening a new tab to quote it exactly). But I have found that I have taken my blog in a bit of a direction. Essentially, these 120-something blog entries of mine have become increasingly reverent towards my generation. I have to imagine that most of the entries read something like "Heeeeeeeey maaaaan, isn't it weird that INSERT-RANDOM-TECHNOLOGY-HERE exists?" You can choose whatever inflection to read that sentence with. "Pothead" works well, "British" doesn't. 

Well, I just can't help it. Today is another one of those "Heeeeeeeey maaaaan" posts.

So.....isn't it weird that Wikipedia exists?

I mean, really. In Public Speaking, we were doing Persuasive Speeches and as such, had to pick a "cause" to support. People chose things like the Red Cross, American Cancer Society and NAMBLA (one of these is made-up). One dude, however, went in a different direction. He chose Wikipedia.

Immediately, he had won in my book. I didn't even need to hear the speech. I would give all my worldly possessions to Wikipedia, I would join the Wikipedia Army against injustice, I would give my first-born to Wikipedia. And I am being serious (sort of). 

Back in 6th grade Social Studies, our teacher Mrs. Foscnight (holy crap, I have NO idea how to spell that) listed all the problems in the world: starvation in Africa, overpopulation in Asia, douche-baggery in Europe and then had us guess what would fix all of them. Being kids, we guessed stupid things like: more money, strong leaders, more money, better laws and more money. But Mrs. Focsnight wasn't having it. She said the solution to most of the world's problems was education.

So now we have a tool that grants immediate access of the sum of all human knowledge to anyone in the blink of an eye.


Looks like we have no more excuses. World, go fix thyself.


Melis said...

Are you talking about Mrs. Fausnaught? Was she the good looking one?

A.G.B said...

Ummmm I am pretty sure the second part was pronounced "night" and it definitely wasn't that German sounding. Ferri was the good-looking one.

Katie said...

It was Fausnight.

Oh Ferri and her thongs.