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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday (Sort of) Morning Links pt. 25

Well, 25 SMLs in (I have no idea if anyone really calls Sunday Morning Links "SMLs", but they should) I have finally failed at posting a new one at midnight.

I would like to take a moment to mourn the death of my punctuality.

Oh well, enough wasting time. Let's get straight to the Morni...Afternoon Links.

- Mark Zuckerberg is out and swinging!

- Looks like Conservatism is the next cool thing among today's youth. You know we're in trouble when life imitates a Stephen Glass story.

- Ring the village bell! The Mighty Scott Boras has been vanquished! Women and children are now safe.

- Now this one is magical. The Wire creator, David Simon writes (and rather angrily so) about the pussification of the American reporter.

- And finally. I hate to come down on Conservatives twice in one SML, but this is just sad. GOP CHAIRMAN Steele has to apologize to an obese, egotistical radio-clown because he told the truth about his miserable existence. If they continue to worship Rush Limbaugh, the Republicans won't hold public office again until 2056.

That's all for this rainy Sunday. Come back tomorrow for my take on Watchmen.

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