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Friday, March 6, 2009

Go Read Other Stuff

I have quite a busy day ahead of me.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I have to spend the majority of my day working on the next draft of my Backdrop story. The first one went over fairly well, but of course there is always more to fix (I think the fact that I left out about 200 words of explanation is a bit of a problem). 

Then I must prepare my tiny cave of a room for the imminent arrival of my mother and brother. My room reeks so strongly of teenage boy (from me, not all my various male-lovers) that I think the only option is to start torching things. But don't tell my RA that I have an open-flame in my room.

Then of course, there is the fact that the weather outside is so absurdly gorgeous that it is almost comical. I am not really the outdoorsy-type. As a matter of fact, I think my this is the palest my skin has been since I was born due to my habitual shunning of the sun. But even I have to find something to do in this Pleasantville-weather. And you should go enjoy it as well.

But not before you read some things that I demand you read.

I don't know if anyone has noticed but I am now writing Athena movie reviews for (which you should have saved in your favorites and read every day).

Let the Right One In and Stranded are no longer in theaters. But The Wrestler is playing at the Athena until next week and Milk is playing this weekend at Baker center. I recommend that you see both, especially considering that one of them is FREE.

Speaking of movies, one of them is being released today that has been about 22 years in the making. Now, I am not seeing Watchmen until tomorrow so I can't say whether it was good or not. But I can link to this blog entry by James Berardinelli, which is the most insightful thing I have read about movies yet this year. Berardinelli writes that there is a lot more at stake in Watchmen opening big than Warner Brother's wallet and Zack Snyder's pride. The whole month of March is depending on a big Watchmen opening. March has long been considered a dumping ground for bad movies. But after the relative success of 300 and Cloverfield, a big opening for Watchmen could mean that movies can make money in March.

My best guess is that Watchmen makes an impressive but slightly disappointing $85 million in its opening weekend. That is more than 300 and something that Warner Brothers can be reasonably happy with, but I don't think it will prove that March is undoubtedly a month for movies.

Well, after you are done reading all that nonsense, you may go outside. But not a second before then!

Trust me, I'll know....I always do.

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Cassie The Venomous said...

I saw Watchmen last night and reviewed it in my blog. Ah, nerdy goodness...